These Speaker Guidelines for CUA & Common UK have been adapted from the COMMON US code of ethics, which exist to promote and maintain fair dealing and reasonable conduct at all COMMON activities. Adherence to the guidelines is required for membership of the CUA and/or participation in any event organised by the association, either as a delegate or speaker. Any breach of the code can be referred to the CUA Council and may be punishable in accordance with CUA disciplinary policies and procedures. The CUA Council reviews and may amend the guidelines from time to time in order to ensure that they remain consistent with recognised and accepted principles of fair conduct. Additionally, the CUA Council has sole responsibility for deciding whether exceptions to these guidelines can be made.


In recognition of the special relationship between COMMON and IBM, and the membership’s need for information about IBM products and services, the CUA Council may determine from time to time that displays and promotional sessions regarding such products and services are not a breach of rules and regulations. The policy on organisations making marketing material available to delegates is discussed below.


Basic Guidelines
The following basic guidelines apply to CUA members and participants alike, and reflect the required behaviour within the CUA generically:


The bylaws, codes, rules, regulations and policies of the CUA will be strictly observed and enforced at all events.
All information provided through CUA events and other activities will be deemed proprietary and confidential to the organisation providing it. It will not be published or reported on by CUA members or participants without the prior written consent of the CUA Council or the provider (if different).
All CUA members and participants in events or other activities will promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the industry.
CUA members and participants in events will support efforts to improve the industry’s products and to encourage the research and development of new products.


Speaker Guidelines

The following basic guidelines apply specifically to speakers and other participants in delivering CUA events. Refer to the Event Sponsorship section for controlled opportunities to present sales and marketing material:


1.    Prices may not be published or discussed at any CUA meeting without the prior approval of the CUA Council or the organiser (if different).

2.    The following are prohibited at CUA meetings without prior consent of the CUA Council or the organiser (if different).

Vendor initiated sales contact with event delegates
Vendor hospitality suites
Vendor product and/or service displays
Vendor sales presentations
Distribution of sales or marketing information of any type
Distribution or solicitation of employment applications or resumes

There are generally accepted exceptions to the above, such as at Common UK Symposiums or other events that include a vendor exhibition area, but in these cases, the guidelines will still apply outside of the exhibition area.


3.    Any speaker or other event participant found to be aggressively selling at a CUA event may be excluded from participating in future events.


Event Sponsorship

Recognising that any successful relationship is mutually beneficial, the guidelines below allow controlled distribution of limited marketing material at CUA events that do not include an exhibition area. The decision on whether sponsorship is available at an event lies with the event organiser.

Where sponsorship is allowed at a CUA event, the following process and rules apply in order that organisations can supply leaflets for the delegate Briefing Packs:

Leaflets are to be delivered to the CUA Offices in good time (date agreed on a case by case basis). Leaflets and other marketing material will not be distributed in any other manner.
The CUA will charge an administration fee of £100 (+VAT) per company wishing leaflets to be included in Briefing Packs.
The company must send at least one paying delegate to the event being sponsored, booked in the normal manner and at the appropriate member or non-member rate.
Participation in event sponsorship does not automatically entitle the company to a speaker slot or any other level of involvement
The CUA always reserves the right to decline any request for sponsorship in an individual basis, and all decisions are final.