About the CUA

The Computer Users Association (CUA) is an independent organisation that specialises in arranging briefings throughout each year on topical business related IT subjects of value to all IT managers and directors, irrespective of industry sector. CUA events are not sales pitches, but independent training days looking at complex issues that should be at the top of agenda for anyone involved in managing IT. The objective of each event is to provide attendees with information that can be used in their organisation to realise some real benefits in the short term. Events vary from being focused on the value of specific technologies to the business, how to deal with the latest challenges and issues, through to technical education for IBM iSeries users.

The benefits of membership are:

Professionally run meetings

These cover all aspects of IT, each featuring top industry and user speakers. The aim is to keep you informed, for a fraction of the cost of similar commercially run seminars, and without any sales pressure.

Reduced attendance and training fees

All members receive an automatic 50% reduction in the price of our one-day events, compared to the non-member price. In addition, all CUA members receive 10 percent discount off the standard price of IBM Education Cards.

Regular newsletter

A publication keeping members up to date with IBM and CUA news, so that you are aware of anything that may impact your business, along with articles on the latest IT topics and an overview of our upcoming events.

Free half hour legal advice

This is available each month with IT focused solicitors. This is particularly useful for members that have a potential legal problem, and are unsure how to progress it. In half an hour you can ascertain if you need to take the issue further, and how.

Networking opportunities

All our events provide you with a chance to link up other IT managers and directors, many of whom will have the same challenges, and potentially share experiences on how they overcame them. This network can help you through the market hype, avoid potentially expensive mistakes, and understand what is really works to deliver business benefits.

Support with IBM

If you are having issues with IBM that you have not been able to resolve through normal channels, the CUA can mediate on your behalf. The CUA has many contacts within IBM and we can usually make contact with the right people a lot easier than an individual member or company can.

Professional organisation

The CUA organisation is run to the highest professional level, with a full time Secretariat and Marketing Manager who are always ready to help you. The managing Council is made of up IT professionals from a number of industry sectors who actively participate in ensuring that the CUA meets its objectives and continues to be of value to its membership.

Corporate membership

Only one membership is required per company, with as many people as required within a company able to receive information such as the monthly newsletter, and all are entitled to the 50% discount on events. Membership for a year is £325 + VAT.

Free membership to Common UK

Every CUA member is automatically part of Common UK, Common UK in turn belongs to COMMON Europe part of a worldwide organisation of IBM iSeries users that arranges international events attracting users, vendors, and technical speakers from IBM Rochester and many others areas outside of the UK.