Bakersfield Entrepreneurs Association


Bakersfield Entrepreneurs Association is an organization for all the aspiring business owners from Bakersfield and nearby cities. The association’s aim is to orient and organize business-minded citizens about how to start a business, how to improve and escalate the business’s product or service quality and revenue, and how to ensure its success in the long run. All kinds of business owners are welcome to join the association, and all of their preferred types of businesses can fit into the association’s trainings and workshops.

The association’s members can be from any type of industry, and their offered products and services vary depending on what they want to pursue. Their businesses can be about food processing, inn keeping, farming, retailing, or providing pest control services for people’s homes: every business owner can enjoy the activities and programs by the Bakersfield Entrepreneurs Association.

Some of Bakersfield Entrepreneurs Association’s activities and programs are the following: annual basic trainings and workshops on starting businesses; seminars and conferences on making businesses work; contests for the best youth and adult entrepreneurs; income-generating fun fairs; alternative learning courses for high school and college students; and internet business mentoring in which business owners are able to learn business how to’s online. These activities and programs have given much recognition to the most hardworking and successful business owners in Bakersfield and other nearby cities, regardless of age and educational background. Also, the internet business mentoring has been a hit with citizens who do not have much time to go to in-class discussions or business schools. This particular activity has given them the chance to improve themselves in different business industries without sacrificing much time and money.

Bakersfield Entrepreneurs Association is still accepting new members for their community and new participants for their activities and programs. Their attainment of their overall objective improves the economic knowledge and stability of their members and participants without the hassle of spending too much money for experience or for guidance. Their actions towards economic development can result to a bigger change once more people can be taught how to thrive in the business world.