Protecting Your Physical Inventory And Customer Data

office assistantHaving your business online does not mean that your workers are all virtual. You still need to deal with real people to help you manage and operate your business seamlessly. You will always need another person’s help to get things done regardless of the size of your business.

They are the people who process the shipping of your orders or the ones assigned to check on your items. Even a humble bagger is part of your daily operations.

However, it is not uncommon to hear horror stories about employees who chose to betray the trust of their employers. It is an awful thing to experience, but it can be avoided. The best way to prevent a crime is by taking away the opportunity. Here are some ways to help you weed out the rotten apples in your business. Bail bonds company in San Diego suggest the following tips:

Background Investigation 

It may sound too stringent, but this is a significant step in knowing your employees. You do not have to go full FBI or hire a private investigator. Interview your prospective employees and contact their character references.

Personally, I also ask for a drug test to be carried out to verify if the potential employee is drug dependent. Not judging here, but people who are addicted to drugs are often unafraid to do a crime.

CCTV and POS Reports 

According to Bakersfield bail bondsman – Installing a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a crime deterrent. Knowing that there is always someone watching will make them think twice about doing something illegal. If ever they are still bent on committing the wrong-doing, there will still be a record of their crime, making it easy to capture them.

Your point of sale (POS) machine’s report will also give you an idea if there are many refunds or void transactions. These activities could be a sign that there is something fishy going on.

Waste Disposals 

Garbage can sometimes be used to conceal stolen goods. Once the item is taken out with the trash, it will be easy for the culprit to retrieve it from the dumpster. To avoid this, you can use a clear trash bag, if it’s allowed in your locality. Then use a dumpster with a lock to prevent scavenging.

Our dumpster rental service provider in New Jersey provides us with a dumpster with a lock. It not only prevents theft, but it also prevents other people from throwing their garbage in our dumpster. It also keeps dumpster divers and pests away. You can visit their website to learn more about their services.

These are just some tips to ensure that you keep the right people to support your growing online business. It will protect your resources and the solid reputation of your business. Aside from this, you also need to protect the information given to you by your customers. Here are some ways to do it.

  • High-level encryption – Encryption makes the information unreadable to the hacker. If you are accepting credit card as a mode of payment, make sure you provide the best encryption you can afford to your website.
  • HTTPS It – This type of encryption protects the data of your customers from being intercepted as it travels to and fro the web servers. Many customers are savvy enough to stay away from logging in when they do not see https in their browser.
  • Update your software – Ensure that your computer operating system, softwares and web browsers are always updated to protect you from software vulnerabilities.