Your Chance To Join An Independent, IBM Business Partner Forum

The CUA Business Partner group was set up in 2001. It was developed by us in response to IBM changing its sales model and working almost entirely through Business Partners for the majority of its customer facing activities.

The CUA BP Group meets two to three times a year usually in IBM Warwick. The timing of the meetings is intended to allow topics from IBM’s Business Partner Community Conferences to be raised providing the opportunity to drill down into some of the most critical issues during question and answer sessions.

The Chairman of the BP Group, Deni Wilson said, “I am very excited by this new format for the BP Group and all thanks are due to Sue Fraser of IBM who has worked very hard to drive the changes through and help to ensure that meetings provide high value to the BP’s.  We look forward to welcoming any BP’s and distributors to the next meeting”.

The group holds regular meetings with a unique opportunity for Business partners to:

Network with other BP’s and exchange views and experiences

Find out what is happening in the IBM world and its relevance for them

Gain a greater understanding of the best way to work with IBM

Provide an opportunity for asking IBM questions and giving feedback

To find ways to make money from working with IBM!and, most importantly

Tell IBM what you think